Model Texas Hold'Em and Omaha

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Texas Hold'Em

In Texas Hold'em, each player is dealt two hole cards. Modeling is "heads up," and you can model this by choosing each card in a player's hand. Or by choosing two hole cads for one player, and definig a range, a percentage of the 1,326 starting hands in Hold'Em (52 choose 2). Alternatively, you can define a range vs a range.

Community cards are dealt after the first round of betting, and the user may again select cards from the deck to represent the flop, turn, and river. If the model includes a range the user may select certain criteria defining what part of their range a player continues with.

After the last round of betting, players showdown. Using any combination of their hole cards and community cards players play the best five card that they can. Learn More About Texas Hold'Em Here

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Omaha has a lot in common with Texas Hold'Em. There are hole cards and the same community cards and rounds of betting. The main difference is that players are dealt four hole cards, and when defining a range, the user selects a percentage of the 270,725 starting hands that are possible in Omaha (52 choose 4).

Another important difference is that, unlike in Hold'Em, players must use two cards from their hand and they can only use two cards from their hand. When a computer tests the best hand at showdown it tests 7 choose 5, or 26 combinations of hands in Hold'Em.

But with Omaha the computer is testing (4 choose 2) * (5 chooose 3), or 60 combinations of hands at showdown. This means that even when modeling a hand vs another hand, Omaha calculations take longer than Hold'Em calculations. For those interested, Calculator Soup provides back ground information and a handy combinatorial calculator

Besides having over 200 times as many hands to choose from as in Hold'Em, Omaha post flop ranges are a little different too. Namely with the addition of the "wrap" straight draw to a player's possible holdings. Learn More About Omaha Here

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Coming Soon

Next Generation Poker plans to roll out other games for you to model and simulate. Right now, the next game slotted for release is Omaha Hi-Low, 8-or-better

Additional games of interest to us in clude traditional Stud, Razz, and both Pinneapple and Crazy Pinneapple. If you would like suggest additional games or vote for what we do next please message us on social media